Different scenarios by which RCB can reach the playoffs

This time around, things aren’t good for Royal Challengers Bangalore. They have struggled this season to make a win. IPL 2019 live league has seen Royal Challengers Bangalore reduce their chances of qualifying for the playoffs to nearly zero. RCB are currently at the bottom of the points table. This is becoming worse than their 2016 bad run. Still, there is hope for qualifying for the payoffs even without considering net run rate.    

In 2016, Royal Challengers Bangalore won only two of their first seven matches. A wonderful turn around followed with them losing only one on their last seven matches. Everyone hailed RCB for the wonderful comeback. This year, things are not good for Virat Kohli and his team. The chances are becoming slimmer day by day. They lost their first six matches making one win in eight matches. However, Royal Challengers Bangalore are still a promising team. Though very slim, qualification for the playoffs is still possible.

To qualify without net run rate, Virat’s men must win all their four remaining matches. Assuming other factors go their way, winning four matches out of four is possible. However, it is not easy. If they improve on their 2016 comeback of three out of four, RCB is likely to qualify. The second condition is not in their control. All other matches must go in their favour. Winning four out of four alone isn’t enough. Their close rivals must not do very well.

As for Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, back to back wins must be possible. These two top of the table teams hold the possibility of RCB qualifying for the playoffs. They, therefore, must win most of their remaining matches.

Net run rate equation might get involved if RCB has hopes of qualifying for playoffs. The door is still open for RCB. However, the space is too little. If they can make these scenarios possible, they will qualify. It’s not over until it’s over for them. Meanwhile, let’s keep IPL 2019 live.          


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