Get Ready for an Action-packed Weekend with IPL 2018

IPL 2018 live

The weekend is here and Thank God IPL’s getting fired up every day. Witnessing some of the historical wins all these days IPL’s fanbase is growing larger by the day. More or less, IPL has been conquering more hearts than ever with a level of excitement that’s been rising graphically. Not just in India, the matches arose an intrigue in the international cricket fans. The Cricket tournament is everywhere- it’s in the lunch discussions among the colleagues, it’s in the phone discussions between friends and it’s in the casual chit-chat in the campuses.

Sports fans- more accurately Cricket fans are finishing up their daily chores by the time IPL matches start and are staying glued to the television once the players enter the ground. It can be stated that Sports fan or not, everyone is waiting for the weekend to have unbridled fun watching the matches with a chilled beer in their hands and loved ones by their side.

And so, the weekend is here and its packing heat like no other weekend before. Before getting into the details of which team is fighting which, let us take a look at the best teams in IPL 2018 so far.

Considering the points earned by the teams as on 19th April 2018, Kolkata Knight Riders is at the top of the points table with 6 points and highest run rate. Sunrisers Hyderabad with the same number of points but a lower run rate is at the second position followed by Kings XI Punjab (which has the same points but lower run rate than SRH). Chennai Super Kings, that has played fewer games than the preceding teams earned 4 points with a positive run rate. Rajasthan Royals, which has played 1 game more than CSK earned same points but possesses a lower run rate. Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Delhi Daredevils are at the bottom of the table in the mentioned order and owned two points each despite playing four games.

IPL 2018 liveSaturday’s matches

Coming back to the matches taking place this weekend, Kolkata Knight Riders will be fighting it out against Kings XI Punjab at 04:00 PM, Saturday. The match is the first between the duo and it’ll be exciting to know which team has the upper hand in both. Since both the teams earned equal points so far, this match can be super exciting. Another reason that your excitement may multiply is that Chris Gayle who is back to his original destructive form, made the Kings XI Punjab team harder to fight against.

The next match where Royal Challengers will be facing Delhi Daredevils at 08:00 is exciting too. Aside from the fact that watching Virat and AB play makes it enjoyable, the battle between two teams that are at the bottom of the points table can be cutthroat as it is crucial for both of them to win.

Sunday’s Matches

Sunday, 22nd April holds two matches between two strongest teams in IPL SRH and CSK, and between RR and MI. CSK after playing just 3 games has had two victories and earned 4 points while SRH after playing 4 games won in three earning six. The match a step up to both SRH and Chennai Super Kings. The two being the strongest of the lot at the time, will certainly put up a bloody fight for the points.

The same goes for the next match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians. Both the teams have a shot at victory and will fight till the end to win the game. This can make the game a worthy watch on a Sunday evening with the family.

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