KKR and SRH in the race to get to VIVO IPL 2018 finals

IPL 2018 Live Streaming

The second Qualifier match between SRH and KKR is going to be played in the Eden Gardens, Kolkata. The crucial match which decides the fate of either of the teams is going can be live streamed on YuppTV.

The Qualifier-1 and Eliminator matches have been highly exciting and disappointing to the viewers as some of them had to see their favorite teams go home. Simultaneously, they have been electrifying to people who just wanted to witness a good game. The final match in the playoffs section, the Qualifier-2 match which takes place between the winner of Eliminator match and the losing team of qualifier-1 is scheduled on Friday. This match will be played between SRH which lost against the CSK in Qualifier-1 and KKR which stood victorious in Eliminator match. Whichever team wins in the Qualifier-2, Will be qualified to play against CSK in the finals.

IPL 2018 Live StreamingConsidering the importance of this match one can easily predict that KKR vs SRH match is going to be as dramatic as the previous ones since whoever wins in this, gets another shot at the trophy and whoever loses goes home. This fact makes it more interesting for the people and will be a motivating factor for the players to put their everything into the game.

The first Qualifier match in which Chennai Super Kings stood victorious against Sunrisers Hyderabad was dramatic and made people feel thankful that they have watched it. The Eliminator match in which Kolkata Knight Riders won against Rajasthan Royals, was similarly breathtaking. Since the importance of the matches has amplified, one can assume that the match is going to be as thrilling as it can be.

Watch IPL 2018 Qualifier-2 KKR vs SRH live on YuppTV at 07:00 PM IST on 25th May 2018, from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Continental Europe, South America, and South East Asia.


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