YuppTV gives users the luxury to watch IPL 2018 live from anywhere

Watching Live Cricket has never been easier than in today’s world full of technology. All we need is an internet enabled device and a decent internet connection to just log in to any of the services that offer live cricket and enjoy it.ipl 2018 liveThis had to be said, since IPL 2018, the eleventh season of IPL is going to commence from 7th of April and every sports fanatic guy out there is looking for ways to catch the action. It is not always possible to watch the entire series which lasts for 50 days from home- especially if you are married. Some make up the reason of work, some hang out in bars and some just stay stuck watching the soap operas rated Parental Guidance with wifey because the kids are present.

But the temptation to watch the game and the fear of lagging behind in the office lunch discussions are always present at the back of a man’s mind. Missing out on tournaments like IPL is like missing out best friend’s wedding for sports fanatics. It is personal, especially when Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals returned to the game after two years and MS Dhoni is seen in everybody’s favorite yellow jersey again. It is personal because the inaugural match this time, is between the same teams that faced each other in the IPL 2015 finals- the Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings.

The solution to this problem which seems to be a never-ending one in every married man’s life is the appearance of Apps that let you watch live cricket wherever you wish right on your mobile or tablet screen. Though there are a plethora of Apps out there that provide IPL 2018 live streaming, what a sports fan needs, is a high-performance app that is not behind the satellite.

If you are living in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Continental Europe, South America or South Asia, check out the YuppTV App that allows you to watch the IPL 2018 live from anywhere in the device of your choice. As the App is compatible with a variety of devices, all you need to do is subscribe to it from your device, open and enjoy the match. If you are an Indian and watch Indian TV and Indian programs regularly, you can subscribe to the yearly channel packages available on YuppTV and watch the entire IPL series for free.


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